Thursday, January 31, 2013

Credenza Update

I started stripping the credenza and holy moly is that going to be a job.  That thing is so stinkin' big and there were so many coats of varnish on it it's not even funny. 

 The top actually is not that bad, all the vertical space is what's killer.

The key to stripping is to not skimp on the stripper, you have to give it a really thick coat.  Otherwise you end up with spots like this.
And be patient, you have to wait until the varnish/paint starts to bubble up before scraping it.  If not, you'll be doing a lot of sanding.  Hopefully I'll have this step done by the weekend!
My plan for it is to  1. add hardware
     2. paint it a bright color
3. cut out the center of the doors and put in decorative metal

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