Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Old Kitchen Table

Our little breakfast nook has been through quite a few changes.  We had our original kitchen table there for a while with four matching chairs, but it was to big.  Then I moved a little leaf table there.  One of the leaves was broken though and try as I might, I could not get the thing to stay up.  Plus it had a few issues that I couldn't fix since it was on loan.

I had pretty much given up when this beauty piece of junk found it's way into my garage.   

I have actually had my eye on it for a while.  My sister's boyfriend had it sitting on his back porch for and used it as an outdoor table.  It had LOTS of wear and tear, but I really liked the shape of it (it had sexy legs, well leg). 
 I decided to fix it up since it wouldn't really cost me anything to try.  Then I made Brian promise no backsies after he sees how fantastic it is and I got started.

 I sanded and scrubbed and sanded and scrubbed and... you get the idea.  Then I cleaned the whole thing with bleach and approximately five rolls of paper towels.

I removed the base and spray painted it with a semi-metallic spray paint we had on hand.  I think the color was oil rubbed bronze.  I used it because I already had it, but I actually really like the sheen in gave it.


I stained the top with a leftover gel stain; the wood still wasn't in great shape so it didn't take the stain evenly.  I actually really liked that though it gave it a more weathered look.

I originally considered doing something like this with it.
Update with Paint
It's so bright and cheerful, but we have a lot of colors going on elsewhere so I kept it basic.
 The table really fits the area well and it was FREE!  Who doesn't love that?



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  1. Wow, great transformation. Love how it came out, good thing you didn't give up on this piece. : ) Love stopping by and catching up. Have a great week.