Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Florida Room Inspiration

Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in sunny Florida or at the beach. You can easily bring the sunshine state vibe into your home without looking cheesy or over top. Sun room and Florida room are synonymous. I would love to have a Florida room in my home, as soon as it warms up I start every morning sitting out on my back porch enjoying the weather. With a Florida room, you can enjoy the outdoors year round.

There are three main elements I would add to every Florida room. Whether your style is traditional or eclectic, these are my go-tos.
First is the lighting. Light is a major element of a Florida room. Large open windows are key to let in the sunshine! For the lighting fixtures, I like to use a light pendant that doesn't take up a lot of visual space.

Traditional Neutral Florida Room

Next is a natural element. Jute rugs, wicker or rattan furniture, baskets these all play well with all styles and add texture to the room. The natural element adds warmth to the space and the texture adds interest.

Citrus Inspired

Lastly, I love to incorporate live plants into the d├ęcor as well. They help add life and vibrance to the room. Plus, nothing gives beach vibes like a tropical plant. My personal favorite is the fiddle leaf fig.

Global Glam

For the design boards, I chose furniture without skirts or low to the ground. The legs on the furniture helps keep the room light and the eye moving. I didn't want the furniture to add a lot of visual weight. In my opinion, a Florida room should be light, bright, and airy!

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I would love to hear your favorite in the comments!