Monday, February 4, 2013

Credenza Afters

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?  I have to admit I was really pushing watching Downton Abbey instead.  It's my new obsession.  I literally watched all the first and second season this past week while I worked on the credenza.  Erin decided to have a last minute super bowl party and wanted to have it done before the party.  Which meant working non stop on the credenza.  We cut it so close; I literally woke up early Sunday morning and put one last coat of poly on it before church and just prayed it would be dry by game time.

It's still not quite done, but it at least made it in the house.

I ordered drawer pulls and handles for the door off Ebay and it definitely needs to be re-styled.  After I finish a project I always immediately start thinking of things I would do differently, but overall I'm happy with it.  It definitely fills the wall space much better.

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