Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The love of my life...Duncan

I have never told you about my love before... Duncan.  He is perfect traditional and modern, chiseled.  Oh how I love him

He can be traditional

or modern

Either way I love this style couch.  My favoritest thing ever is refurbished, reimagined antiques a la Ruthie Sommers and Jamie Mears.  So you can imagine my excitement when I found one a couple years ago at Salvation Army.  It was not so cute at the time with it's nasty floral fabric and tag that said "Grandma's couch." 

I loved that couch and went to visit it frequently, but I decided I didn't need to spend the money on it.
That is until I went for my weekly and it wasn't there.  Of course then I had to have it, you don't know whatcha got until it's gone.  I asked the sales person about it and they said they moved it to another store. 

I called every Salvation Army in the area {they all thought I was nuts} and tracked him down.  I was going to Nicaragua the next day and couldn't get it.  Apparently realizing my desperation, they agreed to hold it for me.  My sweet Mama went to pick it up all by herself and had to load it with the elderly man that works there.  She then drove 30 miles an hour the whole way back just to get it to me.  That's love.

That was a long story to just to say I've got my very own Duncan. 

Somehow all of my before pictures have disappeared.  You can at least see the icky paisley-ish fabric.  You just can't tell how dirty and lumpy it is!

I just love the details
White Sofa With Patterned Pillow

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