Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trimmed Out Picture Frames

I've been a major slacker this week.  Some weeks it just feels like everything happens all at once and life just gets crazy busy.  That was this week, so I've been zoning out on the couch pretty much as soon as I get home and that's about it.  Needless to say, I have no major projects to share.  Honestly, I feel like it will be quite an accomplishment just to make it to Friday!

I did work on frames for the extra bedroom though.  I couldn't find the exact right size frame.  I thought about using a canvas frame of one of the kits to make your own frame, but they wouldn't have glass.  So in the end, I just bought two of these poster frames.

Nice, huh?  I had planned to leave the frame as is and just paint it silver.  I spray painted both of them and it looked to flat, so then I silver leafed them which didn't work either.   Sometimes I love the look of leaf, but sometimes it just looks so wrong.  These poor frames looked like they were wrapped in Hershey Kiss foil.  Not so much what I'm going for. 

I was stumped, so I threw them out in the garage for a few weeks while I looked for new frames.  Then Erin and I went on a mini Lowe's shopping spree (we should buy stock in Lowe's) and I convinced her to buy me some rope wood trim I've had my eye on for a while. 

I made a frame out of the trim and stained it.  I seriously love the way it turned out.  You can see the silver peeking out a little bit and I like how the wood trim warms up the print and the wall a little bit.


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