Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry Way - Light fixture DIY

The original light fixture in our entry way was really blah when we moved in.  
It was just the generic one bulb glass bowl.  
Not so cute.

It was way too tiny and the only statement it made was "we're boring and this is the cheapest thing they had."  We needed something with a little more personality.  Erin and I looked at lots of fixtures, but needed a cheap solution since we're replacing pretty much every light in the house.  Also most of the fixtures I liked hung down to far.  You have to walk right under it and our ceilings aren't that high.  We both really liked the lantern style.  Like this one from Pottery Barn.

Sorry for the poor quality scanned picture, but I love
this house in Better Homes and Gardens last year.
Looove the couch at the dining room table!

They look great in any style interior and reminded me I had a really similar candle holder. 
I bought it in college and hung in the corner of my dorm room.    

I bought a canopy kit, light bulb holder, and cord to wire the candle holder.  Then I simply removed the candle holder in the glass and shortened the chain to the right height.  My dad did the dirty work and did all the electrical stuff.  It cost about $20 for the supplies and I have a custom light fixture!

I love the way the crackled glass refracts the light
 Now the only problem is that I'm going to want to take it with me when we leave!


  1. I just love the light. It turned out great. I so enjoyed looking around your lovely blog and you have done great work on your home so far. Lovely home. I am a new follower. Thank you for stopping by Have a great week.


    1. Thanks for your sweet comment and stopping by. I loved looking around your blog!