Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christmas Thoughts

I found these simple white plates at the thrift store (for a quarter each!!!).  They aren't that special on their own, but I think they will be perfect for a Christmas tablescape I have planned.
I know it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but it will be here before you know it. 
 And in my defense some stores have had Christmas stuff out for months now,
which is a little nuts if you ask me. 
Anyway, I want to do something a little fun and funky this year.  My original plan was to make a zebra table cloth with Premier Prints Tunisia in Chartreuse with a bright red band around the bottom.
To Tunisia Collection
However, looking around their website I came across this Suzani print.

To Suzani Collection
I can't decide, but I think I may be leaning toward the Suzani.  I'm going to use my new white dishes with red and green fiesta salad plates set on top.  Now I have to figure out a center piece and get to work!  What's your vote Suzani? or the zebra print?

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  1. Hi, Martha

    What a great deal on those plates. I would have bought them too. I loving the zebra look too. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done.