Monday, September 10, 2012

Coffee Table Bench

In my last post, you got a glimpse of my new bench.  We found this coffee table at City Thrift.

I didn't look twice at it because I thought it was ugly and I really didn't need a coffee table

My mom kept going back to it though and made me look at it again.  She suggested I turn it into a bench, she so smart!

Forgot to take good before pictures AGAIN!
I spray painted the whole thing black and started on the upholstery.  I measured the inner portion of the table leaving off the outer ledge and got to work building a platform.  I cut 1x4s to make the bottom and laid them out.  This step is not entirely necessary, but I wanted to add a little more height to the table.

I cut a solid rectangle using the measurements I took and then glued and stapled the 1x4s to the solid piece

I wanted to be able to remove the top part and reupholster it if I wanted.  My dad came up with a way to make it work.  I drilled a hole in all four corners of the table and then screwed a long screw into each corner of the platform.
The screws fit into the holes and hold it in place, but I can easily lift it off and make changes.

To upholster it I used two layers of foam and cut it to fit the platform. 

Then I wrapped the whole thing in batting and stapled it to the bottom of the platform.

Lightly stretch the batting and staple it on all four sides.

View from the top

Now I'm ready for the fabric!  I did the long sides first.  I staple down one side, pulled the fabric tight and stapled down the other side.  I did the two short ends next and finally the corners.

And done!

I went back and scraped the edges of the design with a razor blade to help emphasize the details.

And all together with the new pillows...

You know I love a good before and after

southern hospitality

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