Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY rug fail

I love zebra/cowhide rugs.  They are in pretty much every design magazine you open.  While I would love to have one, they are super expensive and honestly I'm not really sure how I feel about having a real cow hide laying on my floor.  I was so excited when I found a zebra rug diy project a while ago.  I think I started it that night.  All it took was a drop cloth and paint.  Right now for a normal person alarms are going off in your head.  But I plunged forward thinking a drop cloth would make a perfect rug and look fantastic.  I sketched out the general shape and started cutting.

I took lots of pictures to document the process and share how to make your very own rug.

I didn't want black and white, so I left the drop cloth natural and used a light tan-ish brown for the stripes.  I stayed up allllll night painting stripes on that puppy.

And this is what I got.  Not so cute.  It actually doesn't look quite as bad in the picture.  In person, it just looks like I threw some fabric on the floor.  Tha main problem is it is way to thin to pass as a rug, not to mention mine has a big ol' belly with stubby little arms.  I'm labeling this one a FAIL.
Lesson learned .

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