Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nothin But a Glue Gun - No Sew Christmas Skirt

This week is going to be super busy, but I managed to squeeze in a project last night in between play practice and some serious couponing.  We put up my mom's Christmas tree this weekend, but she did not have a tree skirt.  I remembered seeing a DIY ruffled skirt somewhere last year and decided to try it. 
You will need
  • a large square of inexpensive fabric (I recycled this dropcloth)
  • 2-3 yards of fabric
  • glue gun
  • LOTS of glue sticks
My recycled rug wasn't exactly square, but you will want approximately a 4 foot square.  Fold it into half twice.  Trim the corners so it makes a circle.
My mom's tree is really rustic, so I used burlap and a linen type fabric.  Cut your fabric into strips about 3 inches wide. And get to gluing.  Start at the edge of your circle and put down a strip of hot glue, about two inches long.   Lay a strip of fabric on it and while the glue is still hot take your fingers and pinch the fabric all along the glue strip to make ruffles.


Repeat this process all the way around the circle. 
My strips weren't long enough to go all the way around, so I seamed them together with hot glue, of course. 
Then just continue the ruffles until you get back to the beginning.  I alternated burlap and linen on mine.  You want to start and stop each tier in the same place.  Line up the edges and start the second row a couple inches above the first one and repeat the process.  Glue and gather the next tier.

I have no future as a hand model.

Just keep adding tiers  until the whole circle is covered.


I left a small circle in the middle open.

Then, cut a slit where you started and stopped the tiers.

Cut all the way to the center and then cut a hole a little bit larger than a silver dollar for the tree stem.

 Cut six strips 1 inch wide and about 4 inches long.  Glue them in pairs on each side of the slit.  One pair at the center, one in the middle, and one at the outer edge to tie it closed. 

There you have it, a no sew ruffled tree skirt.
I love it and it should look great with my mom's tree! 

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