Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shower curtain

You got a sneak preview of my shower curtain last week.  It was supposed to be a simple project, but it ended up taking forever. 

I found little fleur de lis clips on clearance at Hobby Lobby and wanted to use them.  I thought they would look best with a butterfly pleat curtain and here is where the trouble begins.  I looked everywhere for butterfly pleat tape to no avail.  You can find it online, but I really didn't want to wait for it.  I did find a regular pleat tape at Hancock's though (on clearance for 10 cents a yard!) so I decided to try and make it work. 

I measured out the length and width of my fabric and sewed the pleat tape across the top following the directions.  Here's where I threw out the pinch pleat directions.  I really only used it to help me get neat and even pleats.  I gathered five pleats and stitched them together then I skipped the next four and left them flat.  So I had to hand stitch each pleat which took for-e-ver at least all my favorite shows are on!

 This room is so tiny it's impossible to photograph.  I decided to paint the walls a cognac color called Georgian Leather.  It's not quite as pumpkin-y as it looks in the pictures.  My imperial trellis plan failed so I pulled the cognac color from the details in the rug.  Although I must admit I've been considering giving the trellis another go... I'm a glutton for punishment.

The full length view. 

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