Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bathroom Tile

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, this week has been out of control.  I'm a glutton for punishment and can't say no to work.

I showed you the scary before pictures of our guest/hall bath last week.  The linoleum floor in that room was so gross it had to go.  Our budget was pretty tight after all the renovation and we thought briefly about using some leftover linoleum tile from my parents house.  The floor was a little uneven though and I really really did not like it.
I went to price flooring and found some I loved at a local discount home store, Pennington's.  The room is tiny so it only cost about $15 for the tile!  My dad laid the tile for me and I went back in and grouted. 

I spent forever picking out the *perfect color grout and when I mixed it, it was no where close to the color I had chosen.  Luckily I actually liked the color I ended up with better.

 It's coming together!

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