Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Chandy


Our house was completely filled with cheapo materials when we moved.  The light fixtures included.  The one in my room was exceptionally bad, no matter what I did it was still catywampus.

I really love capiz shell chandeliers, like this one from West Elm.
I change my mind a lot though and am a little afraid to invest in one.  That's when I remembered this DIY from forever ago.  It's super easy just really time consuming.  I used a whole roll of wax paper + a little.  Just iron 2 or 3 sheets together and get to punching circles.  At this point investing in a good circle puncher is advised. 
Mine broke on the very first punch and seeing as it was late on a Saturday night I could not get a new one until Hobby Lobby opened on Monday morning.  Here is where a sane person would have stopped and just waited to get a new one.  Is that what I did?  Of course not.  I traced circles onto the wax paper, then cut them out by hand, and THEN went back and erased all the stray pencil marks on each individual circle.  Yeah, in hindsight that was not the best move.
Any way now that the circles are cut, I am back on track.  To stitch them together just put them in a continuous feed through your sewing machine.  I think I did about twenty circles per row for the top tier.  The tutorial used wax paper to hold them together, but mine was not very durable.  So I sewed two or three stitches at the top skipped the middle and starting sewing again at the bottom.
I stripped my thrift store lampshade and draped the strips over the top.  I planned to attach them but once I had draped them over they were not going anywhere so I just left it.  Then I just wired it to the existing light fixture.
And TA DA!
And just because you know I love a good before and after
And I've gotta say I do take a little pride in saying I made that when they ask where it's from.
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  1. I'm working on this now! My first hole punch wasn't working so invested in the Fiskars one that another site recommended and that only works for half the punch then I have I cut out the rest. I'm kind of glad that I'm not the only one though bc everyone else is acting like punching the holes is easy! I love your site and wish I would have found it sooner to tell you that I got the same color duvet from Ikea! $50 for the King set. But yours looks great! And I know there's a lot more love for it when it's handmade. Happy Holidays! :) Wish me luck on the sewing part of this project. I pray it turns out half as good as yours.

    1. Good luck! The sewing isn't that difficult just a little time consuming,but it's worth the effort! Ikea didn't even cross my mind, that would have been perfect.

  2. I actually like yours better than the DIY inspiration! I didn't like the ribbons. Might have to try it.

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck if you decide to try it!