Monday, November 5, 2012

Mom's chair

Somehow my post for Friday did something squirrely so here's the actual post.I found this chair a few months ago at a thrift store (of course).  To be honest, that day I think I cleaned them out.  I left with 5 chairs, two ottomans, a table and tons of little things.  My eyes were a little too big though this is the only chair I have finished so far!

I love slipper chairs and I thought it would be perfect for my mom's bathroom.  The proportions on it are kind of wonky though; it looks really top heavy and the pleats are not so good.

 I bought it anyway, because it was a great deal and decided to try my luck with it.  I took off all the old upholstery taking pictures of everything as I went and started cutting down the foam on top. 

I mainly trimmed down the sides trying not to gouge it or leave the foam really bumpy.  I cut off a ton of foam before it looked balanced and I used the old fabric as a pattern.  Except for the bottom pleats which I measured and cut slightly larger than the old fabric.

I am still an upholstery neophyte so I am always learning.  I just try to put everything back the way I took it off and so far I have had great results.  The slipper chair had these metal tacking strips I had never seen before.  It looks vicious, but was really easy to use and gave it a clean edge without having to use a double welt piping to hide the seam.

I think it fits in perfectly in my parents new bathroom.
Sorry for the fuzzy iphone pics!

I am deeming this project a success! 

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