Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Strippin Ain't Easy

I must admit, my favorite part of my new job is being off for federal holidays.  I love a three day weekend, I always intend to relax and do nothing and end up working on projects.  This weekend I made a mojito sugar scrub (which is fantastic!), a box cushion for a bench, and did some thrifting.  Plus a little bit of furniture stripping.

This settee needed a complete overhaul

 Once I got the fabric off I realized it really was in terrible shape and all the wood for he seat would have to be replaced.

Plus the wood looked really dull and dingy so I took out all those inserts and started stripping.

I followed the directions at first and painted on the solution and then waited five to ten minutes before scraping it off.  After a few tries though I realized it worked much better for me if I worked in a really small area and left it on for maybe a minute or so before scraping.

Let me tell you strippin' ain't easy.  This part of the project took FOR. E. VER. 

After stripping it, I sanded the whole thing down and was left with a blank canvas.  I think I'm going to stain it dark again.

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