Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Duvet

Gray duvets are apparently impossible to find.  I have looked high and low for the perfect duvet in just the right shade of charcoal, but it eluded me. 

I had a white down comforter on my bed for a while, but the stark white and the bright blue walls in my room were almost blinding during the day.  I finally found gray sheets that were perfect and decided to make my own duvet.  Ideally you would use two flat sheets one size larger than your bed (queen sheets for a full size duvet etc).  I could only find one set so I had to make the fitted sheet work.  I just put the right sides together and sewed down the two long sides and one short side leaving the top open.  I intend to put buttons across the top to close it, but it hasn't happened yet sometimes I procrastinate...a lot.  And it's done, the duvet was crazy easy to put together and a much cheaper option.  It would be great for kids rooms too, you can always find super cute printed sheets.

Now to make a bed skirt, maybe I will get around to it soon.  I love the way my room turned out, it is definitely not for everyone.  We had company over a few weeks ago and she gave me the best compliment when she said my room looked like me.  That is the best to me, a room/home with your personality.

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