Friday, November 9, 2012

Cookie Swap Invites


It's finally Friday!  I don't know about you, but the holidays are sneaking up on me this year.  Usually I have at least started my Christmas shopping and have been planning parties and dinners in my head.  This year it has barely crossed my mind, but yesterday I started thinking about our annual cookie swap. 

Erin and I started it last year and it was a hit with the family.  I had big plans for this years invites I wanted to make these from Brooklyn Limestone

But my budget is next to nothing for this year so I'm back to square one.  Last year I did a play on a save the date design by Martha Stewart.
I thought it was a really cute idea, so I altered it to fit our cookie swap.
Cookies and Christmas - It's a winning combination
yeah I'm that cheesy.
In Martha's instructions several people commented that it did not work for them.  Mine worked fine although as you can see it only scraped off where the numbers where, but I actually liked it like that so it worked out.  It is a little time sensitive though you can not do it weeks in advance, because the longer it stays on the harder it is to get off.
Over all it was a really easy process, I mixed two parts metallic green paint with one part dish washing liquid and mixed it together.

I used the bottom of a paint bottle to make circles around the numbers.

Then started painting in the circles. 

I did one and let it dry to test before I painted all of them.

I also tried a few different methods the only way I could get the whole circle to scratch off was to put tape down and then paint over the tape. 

Once you know it worked for you paint all the circles and let dry.


I went back with silver paint and added little hooks to make the circles look like ornaments and then sealed each envelope with a penny.

Now I have to think of something to top them for this year.

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