Monday, August 27, 2012

Walls came tumbling down

We moved in over a holiday and it was more than a little overwhelming.   We moved in and 2 days later our contractor was pulling down the ceiling and tearing out walls.   I went to work for weeks covered in sheet rock dust.  I would definitely recommend doing major renovations BEFORE you move in if at all possible.  All the headache was worth it though, the house is more open now and seems so much bigger.   Before it was like most older homes and had small, separated rooms with little bitty doors going in to each space.  The rooms were so small and cave like, not to mention the floor plan was just plain weird. The flow made no sense whatsoever.   Now, the main living space is all completely open and bonus the fireplace can actually serve it's purpose. 

mid reno

looking back toward the front door

I can't wait to share the final outcome!

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