Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Color Me happy

The major renovation is almost complete!  We had to get everything painted before our new flooring and baseboard could be put down.  Erin and I have very different design styles so we tried to meet somewhere in the middle.  I love bright fun colors and she is much more safe and wants everything beige.  We chose our colors based on some fabric I found at my most favoritest fabric store ever PHI.  I found all of it in the remnant section and on super sale, so I think I paid maybe $3 a yard. Score!


I used it as the jumping off point and designed most of our house using those colors.
Our living room is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed
It's hard to tell from my pictures but the color is actually a little more saturated.  It's color, but still neutral so it's not overwhelming.  The perfect compromise for us.
A little sneak peak of the renovation progress

You can get a better idea of the color here.  It's a bluish green and changes depending on the lighting and what you put with it.
This kid has one seriously cool nursery

from Pinterest - seriously do those links ever work!?

via - looove those drapes!