Thursday, August 30, 2012

New drapes

My mom came to help me make curtains and we actually got two sets done!  We started in the dining room.  I told you I got my fabric from the remnant section so I only had about 3 yards.  It was no where near enought fabric to do two panels and I couldn't find more.  
To make the fabric I loved work,  I cut it in half (hot dog style - a little kindergarten throw back for ya)  and used a coordinating shantung fabric to make them wider.  I lined the pattern part of the panel with a fabric drop cloth to save on cost.  I left the solid fabric unlined so it would be slightly sheer. 
Curtains are done, the rest of the room not so much...
I'll show you the full transformation tomorrow!

I also finished drapes for the living room.  The fabric actually looks kinda like burlap in person, but is much softer.  This was my first experience with pleat tape.  It was suprisingly easy.  Just follow the directions that they come with, essentially sew on the tape without sewing across the strings.  Pull the strings and voila!  Trellis smocked drapes that look like they took forever.
Now you know I'm super cheap thrifty.  I actually found all of the trim, curtain rod, and pleat tape on ccrrraaazzzy clearance.  So everything cost at the most a grand total of 30 smackers.  Not to shabby.


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