Saturday, August 24, 2013

The saga continues...

I have to admit once I tracked Duncan down, he sat neglected in my garage for almost a year.  I was just overwhelmed with the thought of upholstering an entire couch.  So I just put it off, and put it off, and put it off again.  Then when I finally decided to start, I realized I was going to need at least ten yards of good fabric.  I realize that $35 a yard is not that bad for upholstery fabric, but I like a bargain.  I loved this fabric from Dwell Studio in the toffee colorway and found it at my favorite fabric store.  You know I have their sale schedule memorized by heart so I just had to be patient.  I ended up getting it 40% off.  Woop whoop!! 

And then I got to work, removing a million kazillion staples.  I really have no set method to my madness.  I make sure to document every step with pictures and take notes.

This couch once I got it apart was even more work than I had expected.  The springs were gone in most of them and a lot of the webbing was rotted as well. 

At this point, I gave up for a week until Erin had a fit and said it had to be finished and out of the living room.  She loves living with me...
I used this tutorial as a guide for the webbing and spring tying.  My poor fingers were so sore by the end!

Then it was on to the upholstering.  I used the removed fabric as a pattern for the new fabric and started putting it back together.  The cushions once I finished them looked a little flat, so I made down inserts to go on the top.  I really wanted down cushions, but it was just way to expensive and messy.  Those stupid feathers get everywhere!

And the back view.
I do kinda love it.  This was a live and learn project for me.  In retrospect, I would have hired out the spring tying and webbing it was a pain and it's not super comfy since I was a first timer.  And I probably would have chosen a bright solid linen fabric.  I wanted something graphic, but by the time I finished I was already a little tired of it.  Since I have been away for a few months though looking at pictures it looks fresh again, winner!
Before and after

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