Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have been terrible about blogging since I have been in Nicaragua.  All my usual home improvement, craft projects have been the last thing on my mind lately.  I will admit I do miss my projects just a little bit.  Since I have been here this year, I have seen a lot more tourists than in years past.  I think the rest of the world is catching up to what we already knew, Nicaragua is amazing.  It has been all over travel lists this year especially on "best bang for your buck" type lists.  So here are my top ten reasons to visit Nicaragua.

10. It is cheap.  You can get a room at a nice hotel/hostel in the middle of the city WITH air  conditioning for about $17 per night and a good meal for around $2

9. Fantastic food

8. Rainforest zip line

7. Amazingly friendly people

6. Beautiful beaches

5. Still non-touristy

4. Telica night hike

3. Volcano surfing - where else in the world can you do that

2. Architecture

1. Incredible beauty

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