Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Design Inspiration

I was so pumped yesterday  I got to help a friend paint!  I know most people are not thrilled by the idea of painting, but that made my day.  I have been dying to make something since we took a trip to Masatepe, where they make all the handmade souvenirs and furniture.  I saw so many people working with power tools; it took all  I had not to take them out of their hands and get to work!
There is just something so rewarding to me about doing physical work. 

I was ready to get back to some house design stuff after that, so I pulled together a couple inspiration boards for my mom's house.  She already purchased the couch I used and they installed the fire place.  Hopefully I will get pictures soon!

The first one is a little brighter and more casual.

The second option is a little more country and probably more suited to my parent's taste.

Although lets be real here, they are never going to go for either one because my daddy needs a
 La-Z-Boy.  I have no idea where my design infatuation came from!

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