Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Printing Pictures on Canvas

I have five hundred and fifty one million projects planned and not yet started.  They all require working out in the garage and it is still freezing.  At the end of March.  In MISSISSIPPI! 
My warm weather loving self just can't handle it.  So I've been scrounging around for projects I can do in the house. 

I showed you the gallery wall in our hallway a while ago.  I loved it, but I wanted a miniature painting for it.  I searched for one on Etsy and found a few I liked, but I wasn't one hundred percent.  It' so hard to tell online what you're really getting.

Then I found a blog post saying you could print on a canvas.  I was walking around Hobby Lobby a few days later and found these miniature canvases on clearance for 3 bucks!

It was so easy to make my own art. You will need:
tissue paper
printer paper
mod podge
foam/paint brush

I printed off the picture first so I could center the tissue paper.  Then I taped a piece of tissue paper to a piece of regular printer paper

And then ran it through the printer.  I didn't have to do any resizing for mine, because the mini canvas was about the size of a regular photo. 

Remove the tissue paper from the regular paper and lay it over your canvas.  Then cover with a thin layer of mod podge.

Try to dab on the mod podge rather than applying it in strokes.  Using a lot of strokes will cause the ink to run.  After this step it doesn't look great, but just set it aside and let it dry.  The mod podge adheres it to the canvas and as it dries you will see the texture of the canvas. 

Once it dries, you are ready to hang your art.

 I'm so glad I didn't buy a painting now.  The photo is more personal and has meaning.  It is from a sister's weekend Erin and I went on last year.  We went to Hot Spring and stopped by a garden on our way out.  It was so beautiful and ended up being our favorite part of the trip.  This little picture is a great reminder of our weekend.

And it fits perfectly in the gallery wall!

I can't wait to do this project again!

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