Friday, February 13, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Decor

We had our monthly Bunko party at our house last night.  We had a thousand changes in plan which led to a last minute theme change.  Sissy and I decided to do a "pink out," everyone wore pink and we were going to decorate all in pink.  The only problem is, we had been planning on a fiesta theme until a few days ago.  Nothing like the last minute and late night crafting! 

To go with our pink them I decided to whip up a few of these cute hearts.

I was half way into the process before I realized I hadn't taken pictures.  I cut out hearts out of cardboard first.  Then I dipped the tips of coffee filters into water with food coloring.  I would have let them air dry, but I was short on time so I stuck them in the oven on the lowest setting. (The lowest mine would go was 170.)

 Then just twist the middle of the coffee filter to make a "flower."

I used a hole puncher to make holes in my cardboard heart.  I made a ton of holes along the edges, but I ended up only using about half of the holes.

 Then start putting your filter flowers into the holes until it is all covered.  And you have simple, cheap, and most importantly super cute Valentine's decorations!
One down, three to go!  I am going to attempt this with letters this weekend.  The filter flowers look similar to carnations, so I thought it might make cute decor for wedding or baby showers.  I'll let you know how it goes!  What do you think, love it or leave it?

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