Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The weather has been so beautiful here, so I have been dying to get out and work in the yard.  I have a daily war with myself; I'm dying to work on something and am trying to keep my self-imposed break.  I keep telling myself it's crazy to do a lot of yard work this year when I won't even be here to enjoy it.  Our yard needs some major landscaping assistance though.  For now, I'm trying to just work with what we have (which is mainly a few hostas and the can-not-be-killed mint) and clean everything up a bit.
I would love something structured like this for my herbs.  Except you know 1/100th of the size.

 These are little more feasible though and super cute.
Most of my herbs from last year survived the winter, so I need to find an attractive way to pot them.  There is no way I'm planting mint directly in the ground, that stuff takes over everything!

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