Thursday, March 3, 2016

Small House, Big Style

It seems like tiny houses are everywhere these days. HGTV has a show about them, friends are always posting images on Facebook. Sometime in the last few years there has been a major shift from McMansions to tiny houses. Something about a tiny house has always appealed to me. Our house was not huge by any means, but I frequently thought I would prefer less.
This GORGEOUS home designed by architect James Crisp is my dream.

Micro House in Connecticut Crisp Architects (1)

I love the style and huge front porch.

Micro House in Connecticut Crisp Architects (2)

The interior is so open and light. Perfection!

Crisp Architects design tiny farmhouse (5)

When Erin got married, I lucked up and found my very own tiny home.  Small spaces can be almost as intimidating to decorate as a mansion. There is so much to fit in a small space, but it definitely makes you live more efficiently. Mine has a little (or a lot) less charm than my dream home, I am still loving it.

These are some serious #tinyhousegoals.

This old house might be my favorite of all. 

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