Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm famous!

Ok, maybe not quite famous, but I'm counting it.  A tiny article counts in my book!  I only have a few pictures stolen from Facebook since I'm not in the States, but I am so excited to share this!

Now for a quick how to.  I found a nice solid wood headboard at the thrift store for about $20.  I measured the footboard and cut it in half.
My foot board was a little shorter than I wanted it so I cut off the original legs and added store bought table legs for extra height.
I used dowel rods and wood glue to connect the headboard and footboard.  Erin helped me with this step, math is not my forte.
For the seat I used 1x3 slats and rested them on the top ledge of the footboard and used corner brackets to attach them.  Then I just sanded the whole thing and spray painted it.  I used Valspar spray paint which is the bomb diggity.  It covers so quickly and doesn't run.
For the cushion I followed this tutorial and made quick pillows.
Ta Da!

 I looooove the way it turned out!

P.S. I had planned to update regularly, but Nicaraguan electricity has other plans so I will update as I can.

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